Why I haven’t received my payment?

Here are the main reasons why you didn’t receive your payment:

1. You haven’t reached your minimum payout yet.

2. You didn’t select a payment method in your profile.

3. You did not modify your billing information in time.

4. Your payment information is not accurate, complete, or valid.

5. (If you are using PayPal/Payoneer) The e-mail address or your PayPal/Payoneer account information you indicated is inaccurate/incomplete.

If your situation is different from the ones mentioned above and you haven’t yet received payment, contact our Support team by chatting with us or at support@splitrevenue.com

Also, you can ask your account manager about this.

6. Your payment date id not arrived according to your payment schedule.

7. (If you are using someone else’s account) Using someone else’s name/account needs to be discussed with them. We can confirm payment status, but we cannot guarantee the funds are ultimately transferred to you.